Are you prepared if your device becomes lost or stolen? Not only do you lose a valuable piece of equipment, your data is put at risk. How can you protect yourself from a thief? Thats easy. our software will ensure your device and data are safe.

This software is a thief’s worst nightmare! RecoveryCop software silently sends you updates on the location with GPS, along with allowing you to see the new SIM number and even listen in on the thief’s surroundings to know where they are

Program Description
RecoveryCop is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor every aspect of your device in real time. This unique system creates havoc for a thief and they can be caught red-handed. GPS tracking and location listening will tell you exactly where your phone is so you can work with police to get it back. Even if your device doesn’t have GPS, the program is sure to assist you in finding the device.

All features of the program run in stealth, except the Lock/Alarm mode. Nothing appears on the phone when you perform a regular command. After the software is setup on your compatible device you can monitor anytime. Commands can be sent using SMS from another phone or from inside your included online control panel.

Smartphone Interface
This is the program is loaded onto your device. It stays totally silent unless you activate the interface to change settings. The software constantly awaits your command.
Online Control Panel

This is where you login to your account to issue commands and see the recorded activity results uploaded by the device. Accessible from any PC or phone web browser.

This high-tech software will allow you to see exactly how the thief is using your device. If you don’t have GPS on your device, information such as SMS text message logs and new SIM number can help you find it. But these are just some of the many features of RecoveryCop.

Software Features
This powerful system gives you the ability to completely monitor your Windows Mobile device online in real time. You can perform commands instantly and even have the device upload logs.You can login anytime from any location to use any command without needing access to the device

How It Works
This new technology might sound complicated but the process is actually quite easy using our online User Guide and other documentation. Below you will find a summarized version of how the entire process works.
Customer purchases RecoveryCop and downloads software onto the device. Customer configures program according to their monitoring needs.

RecoveryCop constantly monitors for commands from the customer and can silently upload logs to the online account at any time.Customer logs into their online account from any web browser or sends commands via SMS. The customer can interact or listen in real time.

What’s Included
When you purchase RecoveryCop you can rest assured knowing you will receive a top-of-the-line software product, service and support. Here’s what’s included for

the length of your subscription:
Instant Download – Download INSTANTLY after ordering! Request a download anytime!
Step-by-Step Instructions – Detailed instructions to guide you along every step.
Customized Username – You’ll select your username and password for your account!
Online Tech Support – Should you need help we will provide 24/7 online support.
Free Updates – As a member you receive free updates to the software as they occur.
Peace of Mind – You will finally be able to rest easily knowing your phone is protected!

We invite you to put RecoveryCop to the test today. All orders are processed via Plimus.com. Our servers are secured by Thawte and scanned daily by ScanAlert to ensure that your data remains completely safe and confidential