Phone Compatibility

RecoveryCop is compatible with any model smartphone or Pocket PC which runs the Windows Mobile 6.x operating system. At this time the software does not run on any device that does not use the Windows Mobile 6.x OS. This includes iPhone, Symbian OS, Blackberry and regular mobile phones which aren’t smartphones.
If you don’t see a Windows Mobile logo during the bootup of your device, then it’s not compatible. If you do see the logo but your device is not listed here, check to see if it has any 6.x version of Windows Mobile in Start > Settings > About. If so then it’s compatible. Also view compatible phone carriers.

Compatible Devices
A partial list of compatible phones is shown below. Even if you don’t see your phone on this page, any Windows Mobile 6.x based smartphone (any version starting with 6) will work.



Windows Mobile 6.x Devices



AT&T Samsung Epix

AT&T Tilt

HP iPAQ 510


HTC Mogul

HTC Touch


Motorola Moto Q 9m

Motorola Moto Q Global

Motorola Q9C

Pantech Duo

Psion WPG2

Samsung Ace

Samsung Blackjack II

Additional Requirements
There are no special requirements for Windows Mobile 6.x devices. Your cell phone account should have Internet access for your online control panel and log uploads to work. An internet connection is not required if you wish to send commands by SMS only

Compatible Carriers
Any carrier is compatible if they offer SMS sending and receiving. If you wish to use the online control panel feature, the carrier must have unrestricted GPRS Internet Access. For CDMA carriers the SIM alert is disabled since there is no SIM card. Below you will find a partial list of fully compatible carriers